Throughout the season we will be organizing Kite trips and Downwinds all around the west coast of Sardinia. We will be moving around it to discover the best kite spots of the coast itself and seeking the best waves to surf on!

For our kite trip we will be using our fully furnished van with all the camping equipment we need (a kitchen, water supply and so on…)

For the downwind we will be using our boat to support us in changing the kites wings whenever needed, in carrying our food supplies as well as in our time – breaks: drop the kite, jump on board, relax and then get on the kite and leave again!

Our trips will either be daily or will last  few days; in this last case, you will avail of the tents we put at your disposal for the night.

Also, we will be organizing daily downwind sessions leaving from Punta Ttrettu and,depending on the best wind direction, we could either get to the nearby islands of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro or to the spots of Porto Botte and Porto Pino; we will be followed by our back – up boat all the way through the trip, to return on – board later on at night time.

“It is such a wonderful emotion and a unique feeling to look at the bay from offshore while you are sailing in view, trailed in all serenity by the kite, knowing that you are being safely followed by the back – up boat.”

Kite Courses