Sardinia Kite Courses – Punta Trettu

The Kite Village Sardinia organizes kite courses in Punta Trettu for all levels only using certified IKO and FIV instructors with experience and multi-speaking language. Kite center, Info point, rescue boats, kite storage all based on the kite spot.

Beginner Course

The kitesurfing beginner course is addressed to anyone who wants to take up this exciting sport. It is addressed to anyone and being healthy and in good physical condition as well as having good confidence in the water are the only prerequisites.

Intermediate Courses

The intermediate courses are addressed to anyone who is keen to improve their run techniques, as well as the freestyle.
They allow you to rapidly learn all the navigation manouvres, to improve the upwind techniques, toeside, gybe and the jumps in total safety.

Course for children

Kitesurf initiation course that lends itself to those children who have no experience with sailing and to those of them already sailing with sailing dinghies or windsurfing. The course is carried out with the principle of game-sailing without neglecting the fundamentals and safety rules to be respected.

Advanced Freestyle Course

This course is addressed to those who want to improve their jumping skills, learn and perfect a whole range of jumps from the most basic to the most challenging ones.
The freestyle course is completely customizable and the program will be built around your skills and goals, which will guarantee a constant learning process throughout the lessons.

Wave Riding Course

The wave riding course is designed for those who already know how to ride safely in all wind conditions and directions and want to begin to approach the waves with a mono-directional surfboard (kite-surfing).

Hydrofoil course

The hydrofoil basic course is designed for those who already know how to kitesurf in total safety in all wind conditions and directions and are curious to cross the new frontiers of kitesurfing.