KVS – Kitesurfing School Punta Trettu

Our Kitesurf school, IKO Center and Club FIV, organizes courses  suitable to all levels. All the courses are carried out by our professional and certified instructors who will be competently teaching and refining your kitesurfing techniques in compliance with the highest safety standards.

  • All the trainees will be provided with life jackets and radio helmets in order to be followed carefully and to communicate with the instructor in real time.
  • Wetsuits, harnesses, helmets and impact jackets will be at the school’s disposal and  available for rent.
  • Our kite surfing courses are carried out using DUOTONE & ION equipment  that will be changed and updated every year to guarantee the highest quality in terms of efficiency and  technological development. All members can avail of  a wide range of boards according to the wind intensity and to the different trainees’ skills and height.
  • We will be using our boat and jet ski so as to follow/help anyone who happens to struggle during  the activity itself as well as we will offer you the chance to practice wakeboarding around the bay of Punta Trettu.
  • Assistance service – We provide supervision and assistance: our staff intervenes and/or help in all phases of the kite session and in case of difficulties with rescue raft. On request for anyone who rents the equipment (hire assisted) and those who request it (with own equipment) the price is 20 € for 3 hours.
  • For  anyone who is interested in having their performance recorded, we have water film equipment available to give you the opportunity to watch your performance again and to review it with the instructor later on.
  • At night time video sessions will take place along with the instructors and therefore, by watching your mistakes on the screen, you could correct them more rapidly and make better progress afterwards.

Info Courses

All the courses are divided into three levels according to the trainees’ skills. It is also possilble to have single hour lessons’s. Please, check our courses web page to see all the details


To rent our kitesurfing equipment it is necessary to become a member of the Kite Village Sardegna by signing in and to be independently able to practice this sport in total self-safety, owing an Iko certificate. Otherwise we will be individually evaluating all the applicants in order to guarantee and follow the safety standards.

Kitesurf equipment available to hire:

  • Kite Duotone Neo, Dice, Evo, Mono (size from 5m to 14m)
  • Bars click and trust 4 lines from 22/24 metri
  • Duotone twintip bi-direzional kite boards Gonzales, Gambler, X-ride, Spike, Select (size 130/ 134/136/138/142/155/163)
  • Wave freestyle surf board DKT WHIP CSC 5.2
  • Hydrofoil board DKT FREE 5.0 (60/90)
  • Harness impact jacket, wetsuits, helmets ION
  • Boots size 42/43

Other equipment available to hire:

  • Stand up paddle (Fanatic SUP) 11′
  • Beginner surfboard 8′
  • MTB all day 15 € or 5 €/h
  • E-BIKE all day 45 € or 30 € for 3 hours

All the equipment will be changed every year so as to guarantee high standards of reliability.


In order to take part in all the sport activities, it is necessary to become a member of the Kite Village Sardegna by signing in. The price of the membership is 15€ and it is valid one year inclusive of insurance that covers damages caused to people or things plus a personal insurance policy.

As a member you will therefore take part in all the activities within the Village, benefit from the services that we put at your disposal: bar kiosk, free internet wi-fi, hot showers, toilets, barbecue area, area for tents and camper, washing area for equipment, storage for equipment included, kite rescue service free of charge, rental of kitesurf equipment, surf, sup, canoes, and mountain bikes.