Wave riding course

The wave riding course is designed for those who already know how to ride safely in all wind conditions and directions and want to begin to approach the waves with a mono-directional surfboard (kite-surfing).

Initially we will spend some time in the spot of Punta Trettu in order to learn or refine the frontside and backside jibing techniques and to learn how to correctly invert the feet position on the board (change of the forward foot).

Then the course will cover safety procedures: simulating when a kite ends up in the waves and how to perform a self-rescue procedure if we are unable to relaunch. General rules of navigation are taught with an emphasis on how they apply on the waves, providing tools on how to interpret a wave spot and whether it is suitable for the current conditions and for our level of riding.

At this point with the right weather conditions we will be ready to explore one of the wave spots that we propose, depending on the time of the season, including Chia, Porto Pino, Mariermi, Fontanamare. Across these different spots you will be guided, advised and supervised by your instructor who will lead you until completion of the wave riding training course.

For this course the equipment is included only in the spot of Punta Trettu. In case of lessons in other spots all the equipment must be privately owned by the student or rented at our school.

  • Price: 50 euros / hour
  • Couple and group lessons available
  • The cost of the course includes lessons and the usage of the equipment you need.
  • All the trainees will be given an on-the-water radio communication device and an impact jacket.
  • All lessons are always to be payed by the end of the day, counting the effective (actual) time.
  • The course and the single lessons with the usage of the rookie’s own equipment sees the 10% of discount.
  • The parents’ permission is required in case of peolple under 18.
  • A rescue boat are available in case of rescue.
  • Professional videos and photos shootings with drone available on request!