What is a hydrofoil? A hydrofoil is a board with a mast up to a meter in height that allows you to rise from the surface of the sea, sailing with minimum friction and free of any noise. The hydrofoil board allows you to practice kitesurfing even in very light winds, making it possible to ride for long distances with much less fatigue than traditional boards.

The hydrofoil basic course is designed for those who already know how to kitesurf in total safety in all wind conditions and directions and are curious to cross the new frontiers of kitesurfing.

The lessons will take place in an area not far from Punta Trettu, where we have the depth necessary for this type of board. Students will be taught step by step supported by a motor boat and a radio helmet.

The Hydrofoil course will start by learning how to body drag with the board, which is a necessary skill in order to be able to move away from the beach in all kinds of spots, even with onshore breaking waves or shallow water. After that you will start to ride the board until you get the right confidence to maintain a correct stance with adequate speed. To do this, we will use boards with different mast sizes, specifically designed for learning.

The course will evolve according to the student’s abilities.

For those who already are experienced hydrofoil riders, we offer advanced lessons where you can refine and master turns and jibes.

We offer private lessons only. Price is € 80 / hour, including boat support.

  • The cost of the course includes lessons and the usage of the equipment you need.
  • All the trainees will be given an on-the-water radio communication device and an impact jacket.
  • All lessons are always to be payed by the end of the day, counting the effective (actual) time.
  • The course and the single lessons with the usage of the rookie’s own equipment sees the 10% of discount.
  • The parents’ permission is required in case of peolple under 18.
  • A rescue boat are available in case of rescue.
  • Professional videos and photos shootings with drone available on request!