Advanced kitesurf freestyle courses

This course is addressed to those who want to improve their jumping skills, learn and perfect a whole range of jumps from the most basic to the most challenging ones. The freestyle course is completely customizable and the program will be built around your skills and goals, which will guarantee a constant learning process throughout the lessons. Attending the course, you can learn a wide range of jumps: you can try and learn unhooked pop and raley, riding blind and raley to blind, sbend or the power jumps like kite loop, unhooked kite loop. For those who are at a higher level we propose all the tricks with handlepass, kiteloop handlepass and all its variants, kgb, slim-chance, s-bend pass, backmobe, frontmobe, 313 , blindjudge, lowmobe etc.

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You can try all the tricks, explained theoretically with suggestions and secrets that only years and years of experience can give you. Thanks to all the advice received, you will be immediately conscious of your mistakes and you’ll understand how to avoid them and reach your goal coming back home completely satisfied with more skills and tricks learnt.
Moreover you will use a radio halmet that will permit you to listen to the instructor’s suggestions in real time. The instructor will always be just a few meters away from you in every moment of the lessons and will also give you practical demostrations of the tricks.

Advanced freestyle individual course

Thanks to this course you will not only improve your freestyle skills a lot, but will also learn to understand what are the common mistakes that you can encounter during your future training, alone.

  • Duration 10 hours (min. 4 days)
  • Price 450 €
  • Mini corso livello avanzato

This course permits you to progress, whatever level you are at, in a short time. Well suited to all of you who want to overcome a maneuvers that you can’t do or to take the first steps in the world of the unhooked tricks and handlepasses.

  • Durata 3 hours (min. 1 day)
  • Price 150 €
  • Single hour of lesson

  • Duration min. 1 hour
  • Price 55 €
  • The cost of the course includes lessons and the usage of the equipment you need.
  • All the trainees will be given an on-the-water radio communication device and an impact jacket.
  • All lessons are always to be payed by the end of the day, counting the effective (actual) time.
  • The course and the single lessons with the usage of the rookie’s own equipment sees the 10% of discount.
  • The parents’ permission is required in case of people under 18.
  • A rescue boat are available in case of rescue.
  • Professional videos and photos shootings with drone available on request!

Our school works only with IKO & FIV certified, experienced, and multilingual instructors.

The lessons can be conducted in the following languages:

  • it Italian
  • en English
  • German
  • fr French
  • Polonia – Bandiera Polaco
  • es Spanish

We all have a different learning-time, which depends on various factors such as: the age and the sports we’ve been practicing so far, our physical, psychological and athletic conditions. Generally, our IKO and FIV certified instructors can teach the rookie, who is totally unfamiliar with either any sailing or with board sports, in about 8/10 hours of lessons guiding him all the way through his first navigation maneuvers until finally doing kitesurfing in total autonomy. People who are already familiar with sports such as snowboarding, windsurfing, wake-boarding or skateboarding (which all have a lateral walk instead of a frontal one ) will definitely have an advantage and 6 hours of lessons could be enough in order to start navigating.

As professional instructors, our main goal is to teach you kitesurfing the best way and in order to make this happen, we always do our best!! We know that the principal wannabes’s aim is to be able to navigate with their own kite as soon as possible. The School’s goal is to form brand new Kiters respecting their own learning time, constantly attempting to reach the preset goal along with our rookies in the right amount of time.

The natural conditions of the spot such as the waveless sea, the ground swell and the flat water make your learning more rapid and safe, away from the swimmers. It is also a reliable ground to play on either practicing with the kite or with the board, letting you play with the starting maneuvers in total tranquillity giving you time to rest without struggling in the deep water.

  • We discourage people from taking up kitesurfing on their own as in this sport is impossible to have a shot at it. If the kite is manipulated with no experience, it can be extremely dangerous for you first and for all the people around you and the equipment as well.
  • We also discourage you from attending any type of courses in which you are offered only 1 instructor for more then 2 rookies (as it is required from the IKO regulations).

For courses and renting is necessary to be members of the Association at a price of € 15 that includes a kitesurfing insurance valid for one calendar year.Within the Membership itself you will avail of all the services we put at your disposal in the Kite Village Sardinia such as: the bar kiosk, wi-fi, showers, toilets, changing rooms, barbecue, kite washing area and kite storage, rescue and assistant service, equipment rental, canoes, sup, mountain bikes, surfboard and wakeboard boat rental.

To rent our kitesurfing equipment it is necessary to be an ASD member and to be independently able to practice this sport in total self – safety, owing an Iko certificate. Otherwise we will be individually evaluating all the applicants in order to guarantee and follow the safety standards.

Kitesurf equipment available to hire:

  • Kite Duotone Neo, Dice, Evo, Mono (size from 5m to 14m)
  • Bars click and trust 4 lines from 22/24 metri
  • Duotone twintip bi-direzional kite boards Gonzales, Gambler, X-ride, Spike, Select (size 130/ 134/136/138/142/155/163)
  • Wave freestyle surf board DKT WHIP CSC 5.2
  • Hydrofoil board DKT FREE 5.0 (60/90)
  • Harness impact jacket, wetsuits, helmets ION
  • Boots size 42/43

Other equipment available to hire:

  • Stand up paddle (Fanatic SUP) 11′
  • Beginner surfboard 8′
  • MTB all day 15 € or 5 €/h
  • E-BIKE all day 45 € or 30 € for 3 hours

All the equipment will be changed every year so as to guarantee high standards of reliability.